'So Where Are All the New Macs for 2016?'

Rene Ritchie, writing for iMore:

Last year, there were rumors we'd get the new Apple TV at WWDC in June but it ended up being shown off at the September and shipping in October instead. This year there were rumors we'd get the new MacBook Pro at WWDC, but it ended up being all about software instead. So what's the deal?

In May, my girlfriend—whose 2009 white plastic MacBook was giving her fits—decided she'd seen enough and wanted to buy a new laptop. Unlike me, she isn't interested in Apple's product roadmap or supply chain rumors, so waiting for a new revision wasn't important to her. The important thing was getting a new computer.

Naturally, she asked me for advice on what to get, so we went to the Apple Store to look and eventually buy something. She ended up buying a mid-tier 15-inch MacBook Pro (specifically, this model) and she's generally very happy with it. I set up an account for myself on it too, and it's a great machine. Yes, the silicon in it may be older and the form factor in need of a redesign, but it's still a fine computer. It should last us a good, long while as our needs are spartan.

My advice? If you need a laptop right now and aren't doing professional A/V work, get one of the "old" MacBook Pros. As I said, they're still extremely useful despite Apple not updating them in a long time.

Refresh cycles aren't everything.