Day One Revisited

I wrote about Day One in mid-August, saying how great it is and how it’s one of my favorite apps. Well, roughly six weeks later, those sentiments still hold true. The app is still great and still one of my favorites.

As I said in the aforelinked piece, Day One is one hell of a journaling app. The icon is great, the UI clean and attractive, and the sounds playful. After nearly two months of use, I can say with confidence that the Mac version gets the most use, followed by the iPhone1, then the iPad. My use case for the app remains as I described it before: stream of consciousness, recap-driven blurbs of my days, in varying lengths. Put another way, my interaction with Day One is just me entering a mess of Markdown-riddled text. I haven’t (yet) tried the photo capturing feature only because photos don’t really fit what I want Day One to be. That isn’t to say I’ll never append an entry with a picture; it’s just that I guess I don’t foreshadow a picture taken earlier in the day being complementary to the journal entry I plan to write later that night.2 Still, journals are about memories, so it makes total sense to expect people to add photos to theirs, as Federico Viticci details in his review.

While I’m certainly appreciative of Day One’s thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing feature set and design, what makes it a keeper app for me is its place in my life. That is to say, it’s not only a haven for my emotional well-being, but it’s yet another tool with which I can write. As my Twitter bio attests, I’m many things, but I consider myself first and foremost to be a writer. I don’t need a Journalism degree or a New York Times bestseller to prove that. More than anything, I look forward to writing in Day One simply because I enjoy the process of writing.3 And I love writing so much because it enables me to decompress and bitch if need be. More than the tech news and the socialist political manifestos, this site exists because I love to write. Writing helps me maintain my sanity.4 It’s no coincidence that some of my most favorite apps are writing-oriented.

For all this praise I’ve heaped upon Day One so far, though, I should confess to something. Whereby something, I mean that I haven’t been writing in the app as much as I did in the honeymoon phase. This, of course, is due to no fault of the app. The neglect is completely of my own doing, and I feel guilty for it. As the cliche goes, life’s gotten in the way, so I’ve tended to either forget or purposely not write for one reason or another. That being said, I plan on atoning for my sins by going back to faithfully writing nightly.

I can’t recommend Day One highly enough. Anyone into journaling (or who want to start) absolutely should get this app. It’s worth every cent and then some.

  1. Mainly because it’s the device I always have near me.  ↩

  2. I always write at night before bed, usually while I’m listening to some podcast.  ↩

  3. At least, I enjoy writing for myself, on my own volition. By contrast, writing becomes more chore than pleasure when I’m forced to write, say, for a class. ↩

  4. As motivating as writing is for my psyche, it definitely helps that I’m good at it and I’ve been lauded for it. As much as this site is for myself, it's nonetheless awesome knowing others value my work. ↩