Day One

When it comes to apps, I’m not the kind of person who browses the App Store (be it on the Mac or iOS) and downloads something on a whim. On the contrary, I’m pretty selective when it comes to what I download. Usually I’ll try an app after reading about it from one of my fellow nerd Apple writers. Cases in point: John Gruber turned me on to Tweetbot and Shawn Blanc to Byword. Recently, glowing reviews by Federico Viticci and Shawn prompted me to try Day One.

In a sentence, Day One is already one of my favorite and most-used apps.

I’ve been using the app in its various incarnations -- iPhone, iPad, and the Mac -- for about a week now, and I love it. Day One is a journaling app meant to be the digital equivalent of the analog, pen-and-paper journal. (I refrain from calling it a “diary” because “diary” seems so immature.) I’ve been writing in it every night, and I very much look forward to doing so. (That I look forward to using the app speaks volumes of how much I like it.) What I’ve settled into doing is writing short, stream-of-consciousness entries that essentially review my day. Some entries are shorter, some are longer, but I like that. I appreciate being able to sit down and just write whatever comes to mind. In fact, the hardest part of the whole experience is deciding which version of the app I want to use. To that point, I’m finding the iOS version is more fun because I love the playful boop boop bleep sounds in the app, as well as the ability to add location and weather information. Among the nerdier features I appreciate, Day One supports Markdown, iCloud sync1, and the ability to export your work in plain text. I’m also pleased that, being somewhat of a typography nerd, the Mac version uses Avenir as its default font. Aside from FF Meta Serif Web Pro (which you’re seeing now), it’s my second-most favorite font.

For anyone into journaling (or who want to get into it), I say look no farther than Day One. The guys at Bloom Built did a fantastic job, and I’m grateful to Viticci and Shawn for turning me on to another great app.

  1. It really does work like magic.  ↩