'The NFL's Bully Problem'

Dave Zirin, writing for The Nation, offers his take on the Ritchie Incognito-Jonathan Martin saga:

The villains in this story may include more people than just Richie Incognito. But the hero is Jonathan Martin who had the courage to treat this like the workplace issue that it is, break the jock code of silence, and demand that he should not have to deal with this crap. In the process, Jonathan Martin is giving football a crash course in what adulthood, not an adolescent conception of "manhood", actually looks like when practiced by an honest-to-god grown-up.

Terrific piece by Zirin, as usual.

This story seems to get messier by the day, and it isn't good at all for the league's PR. Between the backlash over concussions and now this situation with the Dolphins, commissioner Roger Goddell needs to do some serious damage control. He's in a very precarious position.