'Apple's Stuff Continue to Just Work'

Dave Mark for The Loop, on Apple's products "just working":

I don’t mean to imply that all Apple stuff will work all the time. There are plenty of people out there who have a pet peeve, some setup that doesn’t work for them. My point is that Apple’s products are designed to anticipate need, to make things as easy to use as possible. They are designed to just work. The little touches, like the Reminders example above, are what make these products work for me, what make the occasional hiccup worth working through. If the Facebook status I just posted about iOS 7 is any indicator, Apple surely has its problems. My Android-using friends like to poke fun at the "it just works" meme whenever there are usability issues with Apple's products --- Apple Maps is a good example --- but the difference is, my stuff does just work 99% of the time. Even iCloud works well for me. I'll take my lumps, because I so prefer iOS and OS X to Android and Windows, not only for ease of use and reliability but for design as well. I couldn't care less about market share.