Damn Right I'm a Fanboy

MG Siegler, on gloating (emphasis mine):

Newsflash: everyone is biased. The people who try to hide that bias are the ones you really have to worry about. I've never shied away my Apple bias. The important part is that it’s justified. I’m biased towards the company for the right reasons. It’s because I’m biased towards great products. I’m biased against shitty ones. If Apple started making shitty products, I wouldn’t like the company. In fact, I didn’t like the company in the 1990s.
I got the usual eye-roll from my Android friend who commented on my last post after it showed up on my Facebook. He said he doesn’t care about Microsoft’s, Google’s, or Apple’s profits. Then he went on about market share -- Android is killing iOS, ya know -- and said that much of Apple’s success is, in fact, due in large part to bullshit marketing. (The latter is the crux of his anti-Apple sentiments.) Now, I realize he and I will never agree on this topic, but he entirely missed my point. It’s not about caring about how much money Apple makes;  truth be told, I don’t really care that much either. The point is I don’t like Apple haters (not just my Android friend, but I use him as reference) always aiming to put down Apple and their products by attributing their successes to a gargantuan hype machine. That Apple’s products aren’t really very good at all, but the commercialism herds the sheep, which implies that Apple lovers (myself included) are brainless, easily-led automatons who’ll buy anything with an Apple logo on it because we don’t know any better. This is bullshit logic, in my opinion, not to mention disingenuous and naive to truly believe $97.6B is a direct byproduct of Phil Schiller's genius. This is where Siegler’s quote becomes relevant. The bolded parts hit the nail on the head. Everyone is biased toward something, and it just so happens I -- along with Siegler, Gruber, and millions others -- are positively biased towards Apple. I believe Mac OS X is better than Windows, iOS better than Android and the rest, and that the iPad is redefining personal computing. Many will disagree, but I don’t give a shit. All I ask is you not turn me/us into the lowest common denominator1.

  1. Which explains why I titled my last post as I did.