There's No Crying in Outer Space

Megan Garber for The Atlantic, on zero-gravity’s effect on crying astronauts:

Astronauts can, certainly, tear up – they’re human, after all. But in zero gravity, the tears themselves can’t flow downward in the way they do on Earth. The moisture generated has nowhere to go. Tears, Feustel put it, “don’t fall off of your eye … they kind of stay there.” NASA spacewalk officer Allison Bollinger, who oversaw Feustel’s EVA, confirmed this assessment. “They actually kind of conglomerate around your eyeball,” she said.

In other words, yep: There’s no crying in space.

Interesting read. As Garber points out, tears just kinda form a solid mass around the eyes because there’s no gravity to pull them away, so they end up stinging. Not good.

(via The Loop)