On Improving iMessage

Craig Mod, on iMessage, its problems, and how to fix them:

How strange is Apple’s iMessage? The strangest.

With each release I anticipate UX improvements, but they never come.

Presently, in iMessage, you can register some email addresses with some devices. Some phone numbers with others. Not all sync automagically. Messages appear willy nilly. Histories are fragmented. It feels very un-Apple like. As if they made product decisions based on engineering-think rather than user-think.

Craig is right on with his first sentence — iMessage definitely is strange.

I’m very much in favor of Mod’s first suggestion of using a single Apple ID to rule iMessage. It has always bothered me that I have two email addresses and my phone number hooked into iMessage (and FaceTime, for that matter). On iOS, the Messages app works well for iMessage, but Messages on the Mac is infamous for its many issues, namely that messages are consistently presented out of order.

I’m curious to see what changes, if any, Apple has in store for iMessage in iOS 7 and Mavericks.

(via Ben Brooks)