On Scott Cousins, Buster Posey, and Rule 7.13

Andrew Baggarly for CSNBayArea.com, on MLB's new no-collisions-at-home-plate rule:

While stressing that the rule was subject to an umpires interpretation, Torre said if the events of May 25, 2011, were to play out this season, Cousins would have been called out, possibly ejected and subject to potential discipline including a fine and suspension. “He just went right to (Posey),” Torre said. “And that’s against the rule. You have to go to the plate.” [...] Torre said Rule 7.13, approved by the Players’ Association earlier in the day, was described as experimental because “we’ll see if we need to do more or if this gets the job done. Our goal is to eliminate vicious hits for a baserunner (where) instead of targeting home plate he targets the catcher, like in the Posey case. There have been others but Posey got the most attention, obviously.” My opinion may be in the minority, but regarding Buster Posey's 2011 injury, I don't think he was completely blameless for getting hurt. While he may have been, as Torre says, "targeted" by Cousins, I think Posey could've positioned himself better to take the throw and make the tag; at the very least, better positioning may have reduced the force of impact. It seems to me that the reach-back-and-sweep motion that Posey employed was a big factor in him sustaining the injury, just as much as Cousins was barreling into him.