Knowing full well what a stickler I am for good presentation, it doesn't surprise me one bit that I was -- well, still am -- seriously annoyed at the atrocious formatting of last night's blog post. Initially, I blamed MarsEdit for not keeping what I designed, but a cooler head thinks the unsightliness of yesterday's post was made possible by the fact that a) there was likely a considerable amount of user error involved and b) I wrote and edited the post in question after midnight sans caffeine. Suffice it to say, that's not a good combination of factors. I was destined for doom and didn't even know it.

But despite the fact that I'm still -- some 18 hours later -- cringing at the thoughts of last night's epic fail, better things have brightened my mood. And I owe it all to Shawn Blanc and Lex Friedman.

Shawn's role in bettering my mood was played by his review of the just-released HP TouchPad. Well, actually, it wasn't the entire review that got me smiling again. With regards to multitasking in WebOS, he said:

Something fun: if held in portrait position with the speakers on top, pulling down on a card makes a "crunching" sound, and then if you let go at the last second the card flies up and off the screen while shouting, Weeeeeeee! Here's a homemade video of this in action.

If your day is in need of a pick-me-up, click that link. Awesome.

As for Lex, his contribution came in the way of a piece he wrote today about his experience at the inaugural Twitter Town Hall at the White House. More to the point, Lex talks about how Twitter's made his life better, and how us common folk are on even keel with Oprah and Charlie Sheen because they don't get 141 characters to tweet with. Reading Lex's piece got me thinking about how I first viewed Twitter and how I feel about the service now. Makes me feel good about my decision to give Twitter another chance to prove itself to me.

So while writing this doesn't change the fact that last night's post is fucking ugly, what has changed are the intense feelings of anger and obsessive-compulsiveness I experienced after witnessing the hatchet job go live. Wince I still may, but I'm at peace with it now. No more copying-and-pasting shit into a block quote.

(For the record, I'm very pleased with the looks of this. It's happy dance time.)