Thoughts on Developing for the M7

Developer Conrad Stoll shares his experiences in using the CoreMotion API with the M7:

There have already been a few good articles talking about what the M7 does and how we believe it works, but essentially from a developer’s perspective the M7 provides a great way to track a user’s steps and type of activity while they are moving. Instead of writing about what the M7 is or how it works, I wanted to write about what its like to use as a developer.

The M7 API is part of the Core Motion framework. Tracking a users steps and activity has always been possible by using Core Motion, but it was much more difficult, and required much more power. Instead of trying to calculate this information ourselves using data directly from the accelerometer and gyroscope, we interact with two new classes that give us this data directly.

Interesting article. It’s fun to ponder what the future holds for Apple’s new co-processor.

(via Federico Viticci)