A friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page a little while ago:

Steve, buddy. Get a life. Apple products aren't life...

He was commenting on a screenshot I took of my iPhone's Home screen with a caption about how cool-looking it was. It was then I realized how nerdy I really am. Especially for things out of  Cupertino.  I have other interests that I'm pretty passionate about -- sports, music, food -- but nothing gets my pocket protector going like technology. My daily Internet reading material consists of reading blog after blog after blog. It's pretty ridiculous. If I spent half as much time getting truly informed over at MoJo or ProRev, I'd be infinitely less nerdy and exponentially better-informed. Yes, I admit: I derive more pleasure from reading about iPhones tracking location data and Apple having another blockbuster quarter than I do from reading stories about President Obama's trip to the Bay Area or how there are more African-Americans in US prisons today than were enslaved prior to the Civil War.  Hell, most of the people I follow on Twitter are Macworld editors, a tech-opining mythical beast, and the guys who run those blogs I pointed to above.  Yes, yes, I'm pathetic. I've got my priorities all screwed up. I'm approaching the big 3-0 and I'm not a registered voter. I suppose an explanation for my political apathy stems from my belief that what I say or who I vote for ultimately won't matter. It doesn't matter that the two-party system the Founding Fathers set up is, in my opinion, seriously flawed. Because, gee, America's great and only registered Democrats and Republicans have good ideas. The Ralph Naders of the world can go suck it. Nobody else finds this wrong? Really? No wonder Europeans snicker at us "stupid Americans". We pass imperialism off as "spreading democracy" and our idea of foreign policy is to send troops somewhere and blow up stuff. Hooray! 

I'm the last person pledging allegiance to this Empire.

So yes, apathy is a bitch. And no, I won't move to Canada. Shallow and unintelligent as it may be, the less focus I have on the sordid state of affairs in our country gives me more opportunity to focus my energy into happier things like tech punditry or the NHL playoffs. Sometimes I feel guilty about this, but in the end, I don't really care. At least I'm smart enough not to get my news from Fox or TMZ.

But I admit: I'm a nerd. A techie. And I like it.

Then again, I guess I could work on becoming a more well-rounded nerd. Girlfriend included.