'Concussion Game Plan'

Apple highlights how iPad is helping treat concussions with a new “Your Verse” page:

Sports-related concussions seem to be in the headlines every day, but detecting them remains mysterious — more art than science. They rarely show up on imaging tests. And their symptoms are often hidden by athletes who don’t want to miss a single play. Now Cleveland Clinic in Ohio is using iPad to take the mystery out of concussions with an app that lets trainers monitor symptoms moments after an event occurs. Already players are making safer returns to the field, court, and ice.

I suffered a concussion a few years ago while still with the school district. My neurologist said it was a mild one, but the effects of which (e.g., headaches, memory loss) lingered for quite a while. Hence, this story was great to see, and I hope more sports leagues and healthcare professionals take notice.

(via The Loop)