Computing in 2025

Jason Snell, writing about the iPad in this week's More Color column for Macworld:

Look out to 2025 and imagine a futuristic computing device made from Apple that’s larger than a phone, filling the ecosystem that currently is filled by laptops and iPads (and maybe even desktop Macs). This is a thin, light device, with battery life and sensors and other features that we can only dream about today.

Now draw a line to that device from one of Apple’s current devices: the iPad or the Mac. Which device is more likely to morph into that 2025 computing device in your mind? Apple is capable of taking either in that direction, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick the iPad, not the Mac.

In a similar vein, I generally prefer an iPad to a Mac not because macOS is inaccessible. The Mac is highly accessible—the thing is, as I've said many times, is iOS is naturally more accessible simply for its interaction model. For me, using my fingers to manipulate my computer is easier than chasing around an arrow with a mouse. I can use a mouse, but Multi-Touch is better (and more fun).