Remembering the Original iPhone

Over the weekend, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA hosted an event at which John Markoff interviewed members of the original iPhone team, including former SVP of iOS Scott Forstall. I enjoyed both talks, but Forstall's was particularly good—and anticipated.

Forstall's segment begins at the 1h:07m mark. One highlight to me was the anecdote Forstall told about the 99-year-old woman with cataracts and an iPad. The joy with which he relayed that story jibes with things I've heard about Forstall's attitude towards accessibility while he was at Apple. It seems clear Forstall pushed heavily to make iOS accessible to everyone.

Accessibility aside, I do wish Markoff would've asked Forstall about his thoughts on the iOS 7 redesign, as well as what his plans were for iOS 7 had he not been pushed out in 2012.