'The Products Apple Doesn't Have Time to Improve'

Collin Donnell wants more attention paid to to Apple's more "neglected" products:

What makes Apple outstanding as a company is their ability to focus. What holds some of their products back is that the level of focus they have can mean things which aren’t considered central to their current plans or business get left to stagnate. As disappointed as these things can make me, the truth is I know the reason Apple can make things I like so consistently is because of that focus. I know I prefer how they are to the spastic way other companies seem to always be doing fifty things at once. It would just be nice to see a little more interest in these semi forgotten products that they’ve already released. Good piece --- that iWork stagnated for so long is a good example of what Donnell is talking about. See also: Marco Arment's desire that Apple focus more on improving their software and services than enter new hardware categories, like wearables and a full-fledged Apple television set.