Ben Clymer Reviews the New Apple Watch Edition

The executive editor at Hodinkee wrote one of the best reviews of Apple Watch Series 3:

So again, the Swiss were dismissive of the Apple Watch because it's not even a watch, right? How could someone who appreciates a fine timepiece ever want a disposable digital device on their wrist?

Still, we now have smartwatches from two of the three big luxury watch groups, and likely more to come. And that's before we actually talk about sales numbers of Apple versus the traditional players or the fact that all of theirs use what is the equivalent of an off-the-shelf caliber in Android OS while Apple's is, to borrow a term they'll understand, completely in-house. Ironic, really.

Apple gave him the new gray ceramic model—it’s an absolute beauty. I want it.

Speaking of Series 3 reviews, be sure to also read BuzzFeed’s Nicole Nguyen’s take. She made a call to her boyfriend from San Francisco Bay. Fun read.