Sony's Closed-Captioning Glasses for Deaf Moviegoers

Rachel Rood, writing for NPR’s All Tech Considered blog:

Sony Entertainment Access Glasses are sort of like 3-D glasses, but for captioning. The captions are projected onto the glasses and appear to float about 10 feet in front of the user. They also come with audio tracks that describe the action on the screen for blind people, or they can boost the audio levels of the movie for those who are hard of hearing.

This is a big moment for the deaf, many of whom haven’t been to the movies in a long time. Captioned screenings are few and far between, and current personal captioning devices that fit inside a cup holder with a screen attached are bulky, display the text out of their line of vision to the screen, and distract the other patrons.

Ideally, more movie theaters would move aggressively to close-caption more films, but these glasses are a cool idea. The only reservation I have about them is whether they impair one’s vision as they’re watching the screen. Still, glasses like these are way more useful (and desirable, I bet) than the Google Glass bullshit.

(via @nprnews)