Clearer Than Crystal Clear

MG Siegler, on the new iPad’s oh-so-glorious Retina display:

This is a screen that you old in your hands and touch. It comes with a computer attached. This is the future but it’s here today. For $500, no less.

I’ve had my iPad since Friday, and I’m still amazed by how incredible the display is. It really is that good.

Comparatively speaking, the 1024x768 resolution of my original iPad (and last year’s iPad 2) look like pixellated pieces of shit; text looks jaggy and colors don’t pop as much. Of course, “shit” is relative because now I’m used to seeing things on a screen with four times the pixels and double the resolution; the truth is, the first two iPad’s displays were/are, in fact, very good. But, once you’ve experienced a Retina display -- on any iOS device -- you can’t go back. They’re that good. And, in my mind, the iPad’s screen is the best because it’s so big. Everything looks perfect. Absolutely beautiful.

The only drawback, at least on the new iPad? It takes so much energy to power 3.1 million pixels, charging the battery takes forever.