'Mother Jones' Editor Threatened on Twitter

David Carr, writing for The New York Times:

Twitter is often full of short-burst, back-and-forth argument, but Clara Jeffery, the co-editor of Mother Jones, found out that the debate can turn dark after tweeting last Saturday about the death of Chris Kyle, an ex-sniper who was killed at a gun range by a fellow veteran he was trying to help. (Hat tip to Peter Sterne for putting together a list of the tweets on Storify.)

Advocates for gun rights were enraged and immediately began tweeting outrage at Ms. Jeffery. The velocity increased after her tweet was posted on Twitchy, the Twitter aggregator run by Michelle Malkin, the conservative commentator.


"I'm used to debating and defending what I say on Twitter and elsewhere, but in this instance there were immediate threats made on me and my family," she said in a phone interview on Tuesday. "I felt bullied, and there were times in there where I felt worried."

This is really shameful. My political views are vastly different than that of a few friends, but I would never accost them for having contrarian viewpoints. I'm a big fan of Mother Jones, and follow Jeffery on Twitter; I think she's a terrific journalist. Also, attacks like the one Jeffery endured is one reason why my personal account is protected. I don't necessarily want the entire world seeing my tweets, and I know the people whom I follow are friends and good human beings so as to have the decency not to stoop to such levels.