On iOS 7's Bold But Flawed Design

Christa Mrgan, writing for Macworld:

Apple is a master of reinvention, and this stripping away of artifice in favor of dimension and liveliness is the kind of bold move the company was overdue to make. It’s the nature of Apple, and the nature of creative work in general: When something stops working or grows stale, it has to go. Sentimentality doesn’t make for good design.

This is a terrific piece, probably the best thing I’ve read all week.

While I agree that iOS’s ornamentation-heavy design had grown “stale”, as Mrgan calls it, I still adored many aspects of it. For as much as Mrgan’s right that sentimentality doesn’t make for good design, I’m still going to miss many of classic iOS’s graphical elements.

(via John Gruber)