'Who Writes for The Magazine?'

Fellow contributor Chris Higgins breaks down who’s written what and when:

In its fifteenth issue, The Magazine ran my piece Second Wind, which happened to be my third for the publication. But who’s counting? I am.

As Chris notes, Lex Friedman of Macworld fame leads the pack with six articles -- his latest one being featured in the new issue.

As I teased to Chris on Twitter, I'm disappointed that I received nary a mention in his post1, especially considering that “Re-Enabled” was pimped by Apple on their site. (In all seriousness, I say this in jest; I’m not so immodest.) On the good side, our esteemed editor, Mr. Glenn Fleishman, has encouraged me to keep pitching, and I have a new idea that I’m sending his way. With any luck, Chris will have to amend his list at some point so as to recognize me as a two-time writer.

  1. Though I did get listed in his spreadsheet of all contributors.  ↩