'I Want My Coffee, And I Want It Now'

Bryce Chartwell thinks we “desparately need a better way to order coffee”:

What I want is an app where I can store my preferred drinks with infinite precision. It’s an app that lets me create different drinks and preferences for mornings and afternoons. It lets me specify the minutiae of my drinks just as I would with a barista – except that I only have to do so once, using a clear menu structure. And then, with my coffee profile in hand, I can use the app to place my order before I get anywhere near the coffee shop. Preferably with a scheduling function that works down to the minute. Think Uber meets Buffer meets caffeine.

No more waiting in line. No more screw-ups in the order process. No more wasted coffee and wasted time. I simply order, pay with my online account, and walk straight up to the pick-up counter. The barista knows exactly what to make every time. The line is shorter. And I’m much happier.

I like this idea. Let’s hope someone builds such an app sooner than later.

(via @Medium)