On the MacBook Air & Cellular Connectivity

David Chartier, in a good piece on the MacBook Air’s “incomplete mobility”:

For all the incredibleness of the MacBook Air’s new battery, the device is still dependent on WiFi hotspots and, let’s face it, the internet is an essential ingredient these days for getting most things done. Now, keep in mind that adding 4G radios to the MacBook Air likely poses its own share of challenges that Apple has clearly decided to avoid for the Mac, at least so far. In general, it seems like 3G/4G radios have never been very popular in notebooks for some reason. Plus, a 4G radio would add weight to the MacBook Air—renowned for its thin and light design—and, of course, affect that incredible 12-hour battery or, in PCMag’s case, 15-hour battery.

While compromising the Air’s hallmark thin and light design isn’t something I’d like, the idea of a cellular-equipped Air1 is very appealing to me. I agree with David in that not having 4G/LTE in the Air makes it feel somewhat incomplete — in fact, in the iPad’s case, I think you’re crazy if you pass on getting a cellular model. Having the added connectivity is so nice that I won’t ever consider getting an iPad without it.2 The cellular option is a big reason why the iPad’s become my laptop.

(via Stephen Hackett)

  1. And a Retina display, of course.  ↩

  2. The great thing about the 4G/LTE iPads is the no contract, cancel anytime setup. Pay for a plan only when necessary.  ↩