'Take Control of Apple TV'

My pal and editor at TidBITS, Josh Centers, wrote a book on tv:

Now, for only $10, my years of Apple TV experience can be yours, in an easy-to-browse format. I start from the absolute basics and work you up to more complex hacks that unlock the hidden power of the Apple TV. I’m particularly proud of the “Apple TV at the Movies” chapter, which walks you through controlling video on your Apple TV, how to customized subtitles, and even how to rip DVDs and Blu-rays for viewing on your Apple TV. TidBITS members who got access to the early draft of the book said that chapter alone justified their membership fee. Really happy for Josh --- as he mentions, the response so far to his book has been terrific. Get it here. When the day finally comes that me and my uncle exit the Stone Age and upgrade to an HDTV, the Apple TV is going to be a must-buy for me. Then I'll be devouring Josh's book for tips and tricks.