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In his piece detailing his wishes for iOS 6, Macworld’s Lex Friedman offers a great idea:

Some iPhone competitors offer a clever feature for conserving battery life: They use geolocation to figure out where you are, automatically enabling and disabling the Wi-Fi antenna when you’re away from a known hotspot.

When you’re home, the phone can tell; it turns on Wi-Fi and connects to your network. Jump in the car, however, and your phone soon notes that you’ve left your abode, and shuts off the Wi-Fi so that the device won’t needlessly continue to scan for other base stations. You can override that, of course, if you find yourself at a coffee shop with a wireless network you’d like to connect to—and then your phone remembers the location for that hotspot, too. When you head home again, your phone automatically turns off the Wi-Fi again until you get there.

This is a great idea, akin to the geofencing feature in the Reminders app.

To help conserve battery life, what I do as I leave the house every morning is turn off Wi-Fi on my iPhone. Lex’s idea is even better than implementing a shortcut button (think the Lock screen Camera button). What’s more, a feature like this would automatically turn the Wi-Fi radio back on after I got home1.

Again, great idea. Here’s hoping Scott Forstall is a Macworld subscriber.

(via The Brooks Review)

  1. Inexplicably, the school where I work isn’t on Wi-Fi. Our District’s IT department sucks.  ↩