‘How the iPhone and App Store Have Redefined Accessible Software’

My friends and colleagues at MacStories have been running a week-long event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the opening of the App Store. I was honored to be asked to contribute a story for it, and my piece ran on Wednesday. The Cliff’s Notes version: The App Store has quite literally given the disabled community access to the world.

Apple's GAAD 2018 Efforts

Yesterday was Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Apple, as it has done the last few years, was an active participant in promoting the day—a day all about raising awareness for disabled people and the importance of accessible technology. Being the industry leader, Apple plays a big role.

For TechCrunch, I wrote a deep dive story on Apple's activities for this year, tied into the education announcements they made in Chicago in late March. Apple invited me to a small event at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont, which was the highlight of the day. It was at that event where I got an opportunity to briefly interview CEO Tim Cook about GAAD and what accessibility means to the company and to him. The reporting was key, but man, how exhilirating it was for me. It was an amazing experience—one that I won't ever forget.

'How watchOS 3 Makes My Apple Watch More Accessible'

My friends at The App Factor published another article by me this morning. In this one, I talk about how watchOS 3's UI overhaul and design tweaks have my made original, "Series 0" hardware feel like a brand-new device. It's been so good, in fact, that I haven't missed not upgrading to the Series 2 model. (But I'll likely move to Series 3, whenever that comes out.)