Camera, Schamera

One of the bigeest criticisms of Apple's forthcoming iPad tablet  is that it doesn't have a camera.  It's a gripe to which I reply, "boo-fuckin'-hoo". Why so crass? Lemme explain... Practically speaking, a camera in the iPad doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sure, there's room for one, but how awkward would it (or will it) be to hold the thing to take a picture? I can't imagine myself doing it. I can see the argument for a front-facing camera so you could use it in iChat or whatever, but even then, where would you position the device? On your lap? You'd have to strain your neck pretty far to get in focus. In the dock? Well, maybe, but you'd still have to sit awfully close to get in the shot. Maybe I'm missing something here, but the ergonomics just don't make sense to me. Now for the real impetus of this post: why in the hell do we need yet ANOTHER camera? Seriously. Do all our electronics these days need cameras? Is our digital still or Flip not enough? What about the webcam in notebooks? Personally, I have access to three cameras: my Sony Cybershot, the one in my iPhone, and my MacBook's iSight. I don't feel the need to have another (well, okay, maybe a Flip for video). If and when I buy an iPad, I'm not going to be looking to IT to take pictures. Videoconferencing is cool, but I know nobody who uses it. Is everyone in society so vain that we need a camera available to us at our every whim? Uh, isn't that what your CELL PHONE is for? The only worse criticism of the iPad is it doesn't multitask, but that's a rant for another post. Anyway, I suspect Apple will eventually add a camera and that's fine, but I think it's unnecessary. Actually, I'm thinking of getting the first-gen model for the sole reason of having the (most likely) lone version without a camera. As I said, if I want pictures, I've got plenty of other, more sensible, options. Besides, why would I want to take pictures or video with a feminine hygiene product, anyway? As Cleveland would say, that's just nasty.