CamelCase FTW!

I learned about something new today:  CamelCase. (And yes, apparently it is a real word.)

Examples of camel-cased words include: AstroTurf, YouTube, MacBook, and iPod.

Why write about this? Well, being the English Nazi that I am, it drives me crazy when I see people writing "MacBook" as "Macbook"1 or referring to, in conversation or print, the iPod touch as the "iTouch"2. First of all, "Macbook" just looks stupid and makes the writer seem fucking lazy if he or she can't commit to the one second it takes to tap the caps lock key between the 'c' and the 'b'. Second, the egregiously bad "iTouch" is not a real product. Apple makes a device called the iPod touch, and I wish people would refer to the thing properly. Words cannot describe the horror I feel whenever I hear someone -- including members of my family -- say "iTouch". It's like fingernails on a chalkboard and I just want to scream bloody murder. Am I being oversensitive and unnecessarily anal? Probably, but I don't think the feelings of sheer terror are going to dissipate any time soon, not with the way a lot of  people like to butcher the English language.

With that in mind, I implore anyone feasting their eyes on this post to click through this link from Shawn Blanc, who offers a primer on the most commonly misspelled tech names. Read it even if you're not a geek like me and  thus don't read blogs like Shawn's, because brushing up on this will save you the embarrassment of having a pretty sorry-looking Christmas list this year. It'll also do wonders for your self-esteem knowing you're able to communicate effectively.

You wouldn't want Santa to snicker and call you names. He just might gyp you out of that coveted MacBook Air.





1. Ironically, MarsEdit recognizes "Macbook" as being spelled correctly. Go figure.

2. The bane of geeks and self-respecting tech writers the world over.