Metaclassy Updates Byword for iOS to Version 1.1

The iOS version of my favorite writing app got a pretty significant update yesterday:

What’s New in Version 1.1

-iCloud, Dropbox and device storage can now all be enabled at the same time

-Support for folders in iCloud, Dropbox and device storage

-Dark theme

-Full text search within documents

-Improved UI

-Export to PDF

-Other bug fixes

This is a great update, if for no other reason that it brings it closer in line with the Mac version.

In my mind, the biggest upgrade is the improved UI. Before last night, I always had trouble seeing things because the controls were all a light gray monochrome. (This was especially true of the custom toolbar above the keyboard.) Now with v1.1, the controls are set in a much higher contrast black, making everything pop off the screen. These changes are so welcome, in fact, that I may be more inclined to edit documents on the fly with the iPhone version, which I don’t use nearly as much as the iPad’s.

If you’re a Byword fan like me, you’ll appreciate this update. Great adds all around.