Editorially Says Goodbye

To my surprise (and dismay), I got this message in my inbox this morning:

Today brings some sad news: Editorially is closing its doors. The application will remain available until May 30, at which point the site will go offline. We encourage all users to export their data. The email goes on to explain the decision to shutter Editorially, but suffice it to say I was pretty bummed to learn of the shutdown. I have an article in the works for The Sweet Setup, and the editorial staff uses (used?) Editorially to work with contributors on forthcoming material. As such, I signed up for the service in preparation of tidying up my draft. As of this writing, I haven't actually used Editorially yet, but from all accounts it seemed like a really neat idea. The interface sure looks nice, especially for a Web app. From the FAQ in the email: WHY NOT JUST CHARGE FOR USE? We thought of that, and in fact, it was always our plan to do so. But Editorially is a sophisticated application that requires a team of engineers to maintain and develop. Even if all of our users paid up, it wouldn’t be enough. Like my pal Stephen Hackett, I have no qualms paying for quality apps and services. It makes me nervous when a new service starts up for free --- as a user, you just never know how long they're going to last. And also like Stephen, I think people like us are in the minority with regards to paying for stuff.