Blue Angels Not Flying Fleet Week This Year

Brock Keeling, writing for

That rumbling over the sky each October won’t be heard this year as the Blue Angels will not fly Fleet Week 2013. Budget cuts, it seems, is the issue here. The air acrobats will continue to train “to maintain flying proficiency” until further notice at their Pensacola, Florida headquarters.

“Recognizing budget realities, current Defense policy states that outreach events can only be supported with local assets at no cost to the government,” the U.S. Navy said in a press release. “This is one of many steps the Navy is taking to ensure resources are in place to support forces operating forward now and those training to relieve them.”

Bummer. My parents used to take my younger brother and I every year to Fleet Week in SF. My dad was a huge aviation buff, so seeing the Blue Angels was a real treat for him. At another air show one year, I had a program signed by all the pilots. I think I still have it somewhere.