Boy Scouts Losing Big Backers Due to Anti-Gay Policy

Dana Liebelson for Mother Jones, on the repercussions of the Scouts’ shitty stance:

The Boy Scouts of America teach young men how to build fires, pitch tents, weave camping chairs, and “be prepared”—unless your son happens to be gay. But the Boy Scouts long-standing policy of banning “open or avowed homosexuals” is starting to cost it some major financial backers: In the last six months, companies including UPS, United Way, the Merck Company Foundation and the Intel Foundation have announced they will drop or postpone funding for the Boy Scouts. Verizon Communications could be next: Over 70,000 people have signed a petition asking the corporation to stop funding the Scouts over their discriminatory policies.

Serves them right to lose supporters. It’s a fucking stupid rule; the BSA leaders are idiots.

Once again, excuse me while I go suppress my memories of being a Cub Scout.