On Driving and Parenting

Ben Brooks, "So That's It Then":

You get in your car and you turn right onto James. And you mutter: “So that’s it?” And that really is it. It is more strenuous to get a driver’s license than to be given the responsibility of raising a human life. And that’s both terrifying, and at the same time, the way it should be. Even after two kids, I still cannot believe, that this is it. Given the chaotic, traumatic childhood I had the displeasure of living through, I've long maintained that prospective parents should be licensed in order to rear a child. It should be just like driving --- if you want the privilege (and responsibility) of driving a car, you need to first pass a test. The legal/governmental issues around "policing" procreation notwithstanding, my main point here is simply that not everyone who has children is fit for parenthood, just as not all drivers are necessarily fit to drive (i.e., good drivers). Just as the road would be better off with less shitty people behind the wheel, so too would children be better off without people with shitty parenting skills.