'Microsoft Is No Longer the Enemy'

Brent Simmons for Macworld, on how Apple need not fear Microsoft any more:

Most importantly, Windows is no longer a threat to the computers we love. Not the teeniest, tiniest bit.

The Internet, standard file formats, and smartphones changed all this.

It used to be that you could live in an all-Microsoft world—and this was staggeringly common in the corporate world. You’d use Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, Exchange, and Sharepoint, and your in-house developers would use SQL Server and Visual Studio. All Microsoft all the time.

But you don’t need Internet Explorer to waste time on Facebook or YouTube. You don’t need Windows to watch animated GIFs or a Zune to play MP3s. You don’t need Sharepoint to share files.

Most recently, IT departments started adopting a Bring Your Own Device policy for smartphones. Those smartphones are rarely Microsoft smartphones—they’re iOS and Android devices. And this means that services that would have been Microsoft-only are now designed to run on everything.

I switched to the Mac full-time two years ago this month, and I’m never looking back. I still use Windows 7 as a virtual machine for playing games, but those occasions are rare nowadays. I can do everything that I used to do on Windows on my Mac (and then some), but I like the experience so much better. I wish I made the change sooner than I did.

(via Daring Fireball)