Remembering 'The Greatest Trade Show on Earth'

Chris Breen eulogizes Macworld Expo for Macworld:

At Expo careers were launched, plots hatched, businesses created, minds changed, and friends made. It was an event that we looked forward to for months and whose ideas resonated for years. And it wasn’t just us shmoes. I saw countless Apple employees who were just as excited about the show as I was. It was the center of the Apple universe. It mattered. And it mattered because it was about more than just products and promotion. It was equally about people. While I never attended Macworld in its heyday, my lasting memory of the expo is from this year's. Back in January, I got to meet, in person, my friends at TidBITS: Josh Centers and Adam and Tonya Engst. They're all great people, and it was neat that I got to meet them at the event, albeit after hours.