'Yearning for a Bigger (Apple) Smartphone'

Nick Bilton, writing for the NYT’s Bits blog:

As the blog AppleInsider noted recently, when the iPhone first came out, people complained about the size of its screen, too.

“Somewhat ironically, it was Apple that initiated and perpetuated the trend toward larger smartphones phones while its competitors, including Samsung, worked to popularize small devices in order to ‘exploit’ consumer preferences for phones that weren’t as ‘monstrously large’ as the iPhone,” wrote Daniel Eran Dilger, on AppleInsider.

I forsee many Apple naysayers trying to have their cake and eat it too:

“The iPhone is too small! It needs to be bigger! Android is winning!”

Apple announces the oft-rumored larger iPhone(s)

“Ugh, whatever. Apple is five years behind! Android is still winning!”