Bob Bowman Talks MLB on Mobile

Peter Kafka for All Things D, in summing up a chat with MLB's Advanced Media's chief:

Some details from Bowman’s chat with Walt Mossberg at D: Dive into Mobile today:

  • His user base, which used to split 80/20 in favor of iOS over Android, has now moved to 70/30. “The Samsung phone is quite a good Android phone,” Bowman said.
  • But the uptick in Android users, he said, doesn’t track with revenue. That still splits 80/20 in favor of iOS users. “Maybe even 85/15.”
  • Bowman figures this is because iOS users are still, on average, paying more for their phones than Android users, and that means they’re more willing to pay for content like his apps/subscription service, which starts at $20. (Note that other developers have told me that when you compare high-end Android buyers to iOS buyers, the differences in behavior patterns tend to go away.

Interesting breakdown. I love MLB At Bat; it's a must-have app for baseball fans.

(via Daring Fireball)