Boarding the Spaceship

Seth Weintraub, writing for 9to5 Mac, on Apple’s Campus 2 auditorium entrance:

The auditorium itself will be underground from the glass-surrounded auditorium. For its product launch events, Apple has typically either used its own Town Hall at its main Cupertino HQ or buildings in San Francisco such as Moscone West or the Yerba Buena Center.

It seems likely that with 1000 seats, Apple Campus 2 could replace most product unveilings at the main campus and in San Francisco. However, Apple will continue to need Moscone West for WWDC, a conference that brings in around 5000 people each year.

WWDC notwithstanding, this is another example of Apple taking control of its own destiny. The neat thing is, engineering-wise, Apple takes just as much care into building their retail stores and headquarters — that fanatical show of craftsmanship and attention to detail — as they do in building their products. The new building will surely be something to behold.