'iPad: Air or Mini?'

Shawn Blanc, on which iPad is right for him:

One of them (the iPad Air) has the bigger screen, and chances are it’s light enough. While the other (the iPad mini) is hyper-portable and light, and chances are its screen is big enough. As I tweeted, the iPad Air is, to me, the best choice from an accessibility point of view. As someone with low vision and cerebral palsy, I find the Air's qualities to be the best of all worlds: the screen is big and it's dramatically thinner and lighter than any iPad I've used previously. The bigger screen is great for writing and doodling, while the thinner and lighter body makes the tablet much easier to hold, especially for extended periods. In short, I feel the iPad Air is the iPad idealized --- at least, up to this point in history --- and is better than the Retina Mini from an accessibility perspective. It's just a great all-around iPad for users with special needs. (And, I would argue, more suitable for young children.)