'Finding Your Fanatics'

Shawn Blanc, on finding your audience and how your audience finds you:

Your brand is also important. I’m not talking about logo marks here, I’m talking about your reputation. How do people perceive you (as professional or amateur; friendly or angsty; humble or self-centered; etc.)? What topic or subject people do people connect to you (design, development, typography, photography, etc.)? Your content and your brand are summed up as being what you make and who you are. This is true for the individual, the small business, and the large corporation. And over time the two become deeply intertwined. What you make represents who you are, and who you are fuels what you make. Your brand and your content become one and the same. This passage speaks volumes to me. At the risk of sounding arrogant and self-serving, I've worked really hard to make a name for myself in the Apple press, by simply sharing my experiences on a topic that I'm intimately familiar with. My "brand" --- this site, my freelancing, and my podcast --- has grown a lot over the last several weeks, and continues its upward trajectory. I'm very proud of my work, and I'm glad to bring attention and expertise to a topic (Accessibility on iOS) that deserves more of the spotlight.