'The Irrelevance of Microsoft'

Benedict Evans, in a smart piece on Microsoft's place in the PC market:

[M]ore and more apps will move to mobile or the cloud, and for many people the PC will end up like the printer or fax - vestigial reminders of an older way of doing things. Microsoft may yet manage to turn Windows tablets and phones into products with meaningful market share, but it will never be dominant again.

(Emphasis mine.)

The part in bold is absolutely true for me — I work far more from my iOS devices than I do from my Mac. For most tasks, I actually prefer iOS, and I get more excited for new iOS releases than Mac-related ones. And I'm far from the only one who feels this way. In my mind, that's a huge tell for just how important mobile computing is with these "simpler" devices.

As for Microsoft, I really feel like they're clinging for dear life to Windows, much to their detriment. More people drive cars than trucks nowadays. The desktop market is not the mobile market, and I don't think they'll ever be as influential as Apple and Google.

Their time has come and gone.