'Whose iPad Life?'

Ben Thompson shares his thoughts on Apple’s new “Life on iPad” campaign:

[T]here’s no question the iPad has unlocked amazing new use cases. But – and this gets at the trouble I have with Apple’s messaging – how many people work on windmills? How many people are surgeons? Who are these vignettes for? What is more meaningful? Is it these impressive but rather obscure examples, or is it the confidence and ability to connect to Wi-Fi in a foreign country, to contact your son and let him know you’re almost there?

Thompson’s criticisms are valid; personally, though, the vignettes are fine by me. Actually, I think an argument can be made that stories like the ones Apple’s chosen to highlight are better because, holy shit, you can use an iPad to work on windmills! In other words, it’s these kind of niche use cases that truly show just how capable and powerful the iPad is. My only gripe with these stories is I wish Apple would’ve done something with accessibility — e.g., show how you can control an iPad with only your head, for example. To me, that's powerful.