'Highly Anticipated Thoughts on the iPad Air'

Ben Brooks shares his first impressions of his new iPad Air:

When you have something that is just a true joy to use — in every respect — you ended up contriving more and more situations for you to use that thing. That’s the iPad Air in a nutshell.

I bought my iPad Air last night — 64GB LTE (on AT&T) in Space Gray.

Ben (Alexander) and I talked about it on Accessible today, but the iPad Air is insanely great. The difference, in terms of thinness and weight, between my iPad 3 and iPad Air is incredible. Because the Air is so thin and so light and the bezels so tiny, the 9.7" screen feels smaller than it actually is. It's so much more comfortable to hold one-handed, and I really think Apple nailed it this year even more so than the original iPad in 2010. I can't wait for my Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air to ship so that I can get writing on it! (I'm still toting my iPad 3 to write with because the Logitech cover for the Air is still in pre-order mode, and I don't feel like schlepping around my Origami.)