Begin 1.5 Released

Developer Kyle Rosenbluth announces the big update on Begin’s blog:

Version 1.5 is a substantial update, free for all users, which brings:

  • The ability to edit to-dos by double tapping (finally).
  • Increased duration that uncompleted tasks stick around from 2 to 5 days.
  • We also added a nice little indicator for when there are uncompleted tasks to get your attention. It turns out we were forgetting too.

And the biggest feature of all, we’ve added an Extension to Begin which is an in-app purchase. The Extension adds:

  • Optional full screen mode, no more status bar.
  • Typefaces: some amazing options including the crowd pleasing Avenir.
  • Last Chance Reminder: for those of us that need the snooze button — you can now set two daily reminders.
  • The ability to badge the app icon with the remaining task count.
  • The option to disable reminders on the weekends — we all need a break.

Of course, users who have purchased the ‘Themes’ in-app purchase will automatically be upgraded to the Extension for free. When your phone updates to version 1.5 these features should all be ready to go for you.

Kyle was gracious enough to let me beta-test this new version for the last couple months, and I’ve been very impressed by it. More complex GTD apps like OmniFocus have always intimidated me, so, historically, I’ve shied away from keeping to-do lists altogether. Begin, on the other hand, fits with how my brain works. It’s fast, intuitive, has a nice icon, and even plays nice with Launch Center Pro. In short, Begin’s earned its place on my iPhone’s Home screen — great app.