Back to the Future

If anyone ever bothered to really study my blog, it wouldn't take them long to figure out that I love technology. More to the point, I love pretty much anything "Designed By Apple in California". I mean, what other company would create an accessory so sophisticated yet so simple? Click on that hyperlink -- what you'll see is precisely why I love Apple (and technology in general). The damn thing is just immaculate. Thank goodness Jony Ive isn't leaving Cupertino after all. But I've come to the realization that my gadget-loving ways are tempered by the (shitty) content that drives them -- relatively speaking, of course. For instance, my other big love is sports, particularly baseball. Major League Baseball has this awesome (albeit overpriced) iOS app that is just gorgeous and has a great UI. You get real-time stats, video highlights, standings, schedules, player cards, everything. It's enough to make any true baseball junkie orgasm in sheer sporting pleasure. Problem is, for me, MLB has turned itself into a three -ring circus; I don't enjoy the contemporary product. I don't enjoy the 2010 Giants' World Series victory. And I don't enjoy everybody glossing  over the fact the Mark Reynolds of the world can strike out 200+ times in a season because, gee, he hits lots of homers and has a high on-base percentage. So, you see, the content belies the tech. And let's not forget MLB's -- and the NBA's, for that matter -- cable channels. Such a cool-ass concept, yet so lacking when it comes to the content I care about. The same principle can be applied to Rupert Murdoch's The Daily iPad-only magazine. Again, it's a beautifully written app with lots of seductive eye candy, but alas, is worthless to me. Why? Because Mr. Murdoch owns News Corp -- the very same organization that owns and operates Fox News. The money Murdoch put into the project is clearly evident by the app's looks and such, but I refuse to get my news from the same guy who signs paychecks for Bill O' Reilly and Glenn Beck. It really sucks major dick that my fondness for tech is rather unfortunate despite the fact I'm loving the times I live in. Too often, I dream about what it'd be like to go back 15-20 years with my iPhone and iPad and follow sports circa the '80s and early '90s. Or find out what Mother Jones and Progressive Review were saying about the Reagan administration. Or howMark Fiore might've satirized Ronnie's tearing down that Wall. Wouldn't that be awesome? TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY YESTERDAY! Too bad Doc Brown and Mr. Peabody are figments of people's imagination.