Don't End Up Like Him

Marco Arment lectures his readers on backing up their data in light of Mat Honan’s nightmare:

But more importantly, it’s completely inexcusable for people who know better not to have even one backup. And ideally, you should have more than one: between Time Machine, scheduled disk clones with SuperDuper, and continuous online backup, pick at least two. For the extremely lazy, Time Machine and online backup are automatic and very affordable to anyone who can afford a Mac. (And especially anyone who can afford a Mac, and iPad, and an iPhone.)


But really, back up, for goodness sake. It’s not hard. You can get a huge external hard drive for very little money, relatively speaking. Then you can set up online backup for a few dollars per month for unlimited space. Really.

Backing up is easy and cheap. Do it. Right now.

As I’ve written, I was really lucky in that the entire time I used Windows, I never once lost any data due to a virus or hard drive crash. And I never once backed up. That all changed when I moved to the Mac -- I got myself a 1TB Time Capsule, and Time Machine’s been fantastic. I’ve also, just tonight, downloaded Backblaze so that I’ll have two backup solutions: one on-site and one off.1

I’ll go one step further and say that 1Password is a must-have app. I was using the same password for everything for years until I discovered 1Password. It works on both Windows and OS X, and even has a handy Safari extension that logs you in without typing anything; it’s a real time-saver. Highly recommended.

  1. I also have a Seagate 500GB hard drive that I can use as well.  ↩