Avenir, How Do I Love Thee?

Forgive me for going all Elizabeth Barrett Browning here.

My App.net client of choice, Felix, received an update today that included eight fonts from which users can choose. Among the eight is Avenir, which happens to be my all-time favorite font. I switched to it immediately (from Helvetica Neue Light), and Felix looks even nicer than before.

I've always been a typography nerd; I like playing with different typefaces. As readers of this site probably know, I like to experiment with different fonts every once in a while. I generally like sans-serifs better than serifs, and I don't like to mix the two styles. I'm finicky that way. When I write, I like using a monospaced font like Courier Prime because, well, the words seem to flow better. Conversely, I abhor fonts like Comic Sans, Marker Felt, and Times New Roman. Professional correspondence should never be written in Comic Sans — ever. And yet, it is.

I can't put my finger on precisely why I love Avenir so much; I just do. The best way I can express its awesomeness is to say that it's sexy. It's clean, refined, and, most importantly, highly readable. It renders beautifully on Retina displays. I love Avenir so much that I use it everywhere I can:

  • Mail on the Mac
  • Day One
  • Check The Weather & Today Weather
  • Drafts
  • Twitterrific 5 & Riposte

I love that Avenir is a system font on OS X and iOS. I love that Apple chose it as the default in iOS 6 Maps. I can't wait for Typekit to add Avenir to their library so that I can use it on this site. Avenir makes my eyes very happy, and I love it with all my heart.