'iPhone 5S Review: Patagonia'

Professional photographer Austin Mann is highly impressed by the 5S’s camera:

Now, after a full week of testing the iPhone 5S in Patagonia I’m beyond impressed with what it can do. We had our hands on two iPhone 5S’s just minutes after they were released… a couple days later, we were bound for Patagonia to field to test the iPhone 5S camera against it’s predecessor the iPhone 5. All the fancy new features like fingerprint scan are nice and nifty but as a travel photographer, all I really care about is what this camera can do.


The quiet beauty behind the iPhone 5S is what I find most powerful. The upgrades they made here aren’t ones that sell phones… instead, they focused on making the pictures better, even if it’s silent innovations in features no one even knows about… it’s not max megapixels or other flashy specs. The results are amazing and at the end of the day, people are going to really like the pictures coming from their iPhone 5S… and that’s really all that matters!

Be sure to click through and check out the photos — they’re pretty amazing.

One of the reasons for my getting a 5S over a 5C was its camera, and it hasn’t disappointed. Granted, the majority of shots I take end up on Instagram, but even so the pictures have been terrific. While it’s obvious that a smartphone camera will never be as good as a standalone DSLR, I would argue that the iPhone 5S’s camera is more than capable of obviating the need for a standalone point-and-shoot. Apple deserves the utmost credit for the amount of hard work they’ve put into engineering the camera technology in the iPhone. To my mind, it’s best in class.

(via Shawn Blanc)