Regarding MLB At Bat 13 & Classic Games

Last May, I wrote about MLB At Bat, singing its praises as a terrific app for keeping up with baseball. I used it all season, right up to the moment Sergio Romo got Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera on a called third strike to give the Giants their second World Series title in three years.

Simply put, MLB At Bat ranks up there as one of my favorite apps on iOS. Exquisitely well-done.

Yesterday, I renewed my subscription for the new season. One of the best features for 2013 is the Classic Games library. As a baseball history buff, this is really cool. MLB has a good-sized archive, dating back to 1952. The best part is these are full games -- there’s no condensing or “jumping ahead”. I watched some of Game 7 of the 1965 World Series (Dodgers-Twins), and found Vin Scully doing all the pre-game stuff before the first pitch was even thrown. It was so cool. I’m looking forward to watching more of these, and I hope MLB extends their reach beyond ’52. (At least, whatever they can that was televised.) There are other cool, new features this year, but the Classic Games is my favorite. For anyone into baseball history, this is definitely worth checking out.